Coding Dojo Blockchain Certificates FAQ

What are the blockchain certificates?

In essence, they are digital representations of your physcial certificates. Technically, we create a JSON that contains the certificate information, then sign and hash it, and place the hash on the Bitcoin blockchain. If you'd like to learn more about their architecture, please check out the Blockchain Certificates Project website .

What is a yellow, orange, black, red belt?

At Coding Dojo belt levels represent our institutions endoresment of a graduates skill in a particular technology stack. Students earn their belts after completeing a challenging 4.5 hour (48 hours for orange) long belt exam which has students work on their own to transform a list of requirements and wireframe and produce a complete and deployed web application. Each test is graded by an Coding Dojo instructor. Exams are scored from 0 to 10.

Completion of the Web Fundamentals course and exam yeilds a yellow belt.

Completion of a stack and a score of 8 - 9.49 yields a red belt. Completion of a stack and a score of 9.49 - 10 yields a black belt.

Why a verifiable digital certificate?

Reduction in the friction to share and obtain a certificate. Independantly verifiable by anyone the issuee chooses to share thier certificate with.

How does the verification process work?

Each time a a certificate is verified it goes through a multi-tiered verfication process that verifies the Bitcoin transaction is valid, the certificate content hasn't be altered, the issuer address and identity is valid ensuring authenticity, the certificate hasn't been revoked by the issuer, and finally that the certificate hasn't expired.

Click here to learn more about the verification process process.

Who do I talk to if there's something wrong with my certificate?

Please contact

When do I get my digital certificate?

Graduates should recieve their digital certificates shortly after graduation. If you haven't recieved your certificate and you feel that you should have please contact

What can I do with the digital certificate?

You can post or share your independantly verifiable certificate to potential business partners or employers.

Who is eligible for the Coding Dojo Blockchain Certificate?

Any graduate of the Coding Dojo program who completed the program and paid thier tuition in full is eligible for a digital certificate.