Coding Dojo Blockchain Certificates

With a solid understanding of three full web programming stacks; Coding Dojo graduates are well-rounded and fundamentally sound developers boasting a wide range of skills.

Graduates complete a rigorous curriculum encompassing a variety of programming languages, technologies, and algorithms.

In order to earn a belt, students take a timed skills assessments that require them to work independently and build a complete web application from start to finish. These applications mirror real-world requirements and functionality. The belts are designed to evaluate a student's practical and conceptual knowledge of the technologies they are working with.

Students can earn a variety of belts while at Coding Dojo. Yellow belts are awarded to students who complete the web fundamentals assessment with a score of 8 or higher out of 10. Red and black belts are earned by completing a stack-specific belt assessment. Scores 8 - 8.9 earn a red belt and 9 - 10 along with a successful deployment of the application earns a black belt.

For more information about our belt awards and the boot camp. Click here to visit Coding Dojo's website.

Recently Issued

Chris Fox - 839fecae-7af3-4d99-9100-493d184a736f
Barrett Bolivar - 4e3c1dfe-8e40-402d-b2cf-c7217ffb59ef
Steven Hart - 8e1fc96e-6a05-44e8-8945-af113f80aa0c
Chelsea Cabalan - fb97812c-c679-4e17-a6a7-3536b50783eb
Toro Roan - b5df4989-5f24-4fdd-80cb-90bede5f355e
Michael Van Pelt - 051050b3-5373-45e4-8244-5aa9338d5033
Rodolfo Alfredo Avalos Leon - 94811622-f522-462c-bc7a-7aec707c9222
Andrew J Aronis - 1e1f6bd4-bb1e-4550-8368-f68f53cf5511
Josh Hutchinson - 9dd77ee5-8814-4756-ba9f-0668d446a40e
John Llanos - ce920bff-5d2c-412d-bc53-b18d8ad201bf

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